Single filers/Married filing single no dependents, w/dependants

Single filer without dependants-not married.

2020 Tax Preparation
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Price List



All single e-file w/dependants $150 without dependants $140

All Married filing jointly/no dependants$175 with dependants $200

Self-Employment/no dependants $150 with dependants 175

Students $135, Head of household $150 w/dpendants $175

Business taxes $200 and up dependant upon the complexity of the taxes,

amount of time to prepare, additional forms included.

Bank products are included in all packages and services, if you just want

e-filing and direct deposit to your bank account, the prices begin at $130.

Complete Interview and submit for a quote.


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2020 Tax Preparation
$0 Down, no upfront fees to file, IRS free file.


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